Energy Industry Consulting and Advisory Services

We are here to support your development and production challenges whether on land or in deep offshore environments.  Leverage our global experience in E&P and LNG project planning, construction and production operations.  Successful developments rely on effective leadership and planning with relentless focus on costs, appropriate technology and innovation.  We support development planning and progress assessments aimed at realizing safe and smooth start ups and production optimization.  Years of experience on multiple development projects bring a balanced tool kit with emphasis on project value improving processes, leadership and team behaviors.      With over 37 years of experience in the industry and over 26 years leading development and  producing operations, we can provide you with sound advice, processes, and procedures for new, re-development, producing project delivery and acquisition/divestiture support.

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Whether you need to plan or optimize existing development projects, we can help you.

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Leveraging Technology and relentless focus on competitive costs!

Whether you are drilling on land, in deep waters, or in the arctic we will help you produce successfully and set the bar for high margin growth.

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